Author seeks interviewees

The author, Carrie Arnold, may be looking for you:

  • someone who has been diagnosed with anorexia but lives in a non-Western culture (or a culture without the extreme pressures to be thin)
  • someone who can talk about how learning about ED science has been helpful in their recovery
  • a parent/child who have both had anorexia. I'd like to find a duo in which both people are willing to be interviewed, but I'm also interested in talking to single members where this is the case.
  • someone who has experienced exercise addictions/compulsions as part of their ED
  • someone who has been diagnosed with anorexia that then morphed into bulimia/BED
  • someone who can talk about relapse and what they've learned
  • someone who with a history of anorexia who is worried about passing anorexia on to their children


  1. I volunteer.

    Also Laura please contact me on gmail. My family wants to learn about the maudsley method. Also i am currently in a residential treatment center for eating disorders and I told them about the maudsley method. They are a new organization that has only been around for a year and they would be interested in learning more about the maudsley method. They say they are learning as they go. I said that the maudsley method would be something they should look into and some of the staff agreed. If nothing else i would love to communicate with you about how my family can learn to use the maudsley method. If you can email them, i would really appreciate it. Id email you but I need your email again i cant seem to find it? I cant go on facebook from here or id message you.

    Be Well-Deanna

  2. Deanna,



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