NEDA Conference Report

You can read the official report... and then you can read my personal journal of the National Eating Disorders Association annual conference 2009.

My journal has pictures and video clips!


  1. I just checked out the official report and your personal journal, Laura. Sounds like it was an incredible experience, and I so wish I could have been there. Thanks, again, for all that you do to support the parents of people with EDs and the sufferers themselves.

    The (magic!) plates are gorgeous, as are the knitted food items. The taco is especially adorable, but I love them all.

  2. I got my napkin! (You know, the one y'all are all pretending to sign in this picture?) It's hanging on my bulletin board above my desk with my Dr. Kaye one. (Of course, he was more personal than that, signing it "Walt Kaye" and all.) What fun! Thank you all!



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