No more hating! There are no bad foods.

There are no bad foods.

Position of the American Dietetic Association.

Let's let that be the end of the demonization of each bite, and let's get back to enjoying and celebrating the nourishing of our bodies!


  1. Yay! I've been really impressed by the work of the ADA recently. I know that, in my recovery, working with nutritionists to combat my categorizing of food as "good" and "bad" was so helpful. I've realized that my current nutritionist is careful not to label ANYTHING - even beyond food - as "good" or "bad" b/c it encourages black and white thinking.

  2. Woo Hoo, I'm havin' a party! For most of my life (61 yrs) I have eaten exactly what I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I am healthy and have had so much enjoyment from the delicious foods that I love. I wish everyone could feel like I do, and maybe this message will help others to ditch the guilt and feel the joy. That would include my D, who suffers from an eating disorder.

  3. Bravo. We need to put the pleasure back into eating--something that the French are well-known for. They have lower rates of eating disorders and lower rates of heart disease than Americans.

    A study on four countries, which included France and USA, showed that Americans worry the most about what they eat and were the least healthiest [1].

    One food, one meal, one day will not make or break your health. It's the "food-worry" that might be more hazardous to your health.

    [1]Rozin P et al. Attitudes to Food and the Role of Food in Life in the U.S.A.,Japan, Flemish Belgium and France: Possible Implications for the Diet–Health Debate. Appetite, 1999, 33, 163–180.

    Take care,
    Evelyn Tribole MS RD
    co-author Intuitive Eating

  4. Thank you for that reference, Evelyn!


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