"Weight is not a behavior"

I just love this.

"Weight is not a behavior"

The AED's new AED Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs" is going to be a wonderful tool for all of us out here who are very concerned about the well-meaning but essentially meaningless "war on obesity."

If our society took half as much pleasure in eating as it does relishing the assumed moral and aesthetic failings of our neighbors - wouldn't that be delicious?


  1. That one sentence needs to be plastered everywhere- I volunteer to start with the wretched fitness and fashion magazines and their endless diet articles.

    Anyone else?

  2. I am going to be using it in my ongoing opposition to two ill-advised steps my home state is contemplating:
    1. Sending home BMI reports for kids in school,
    2. Requiring nutritional info on the menu in restaurants.

  3. Brilliant! I will print it out for the PDhPe teachers at school and the gym!

  4. IrishUp - I heard about BMI reports in elementary schools. It made me sick.

    Thanks for sharing that article, Laura. Something needs to be done, because from what I hear from kids it appears that weight obsession is rampant among them. When are people going to realize that the more we diet the more ill we become (mentally and physically)?

  5. I had been ranting to a coworker about how obesity is labeled a "behavior" hours before I saw those guidelines, and cheered.

    We so need to use that sound bite everywhere!


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