"I love you and thanks"

We all have our heroes. Mine are parents facing the task of pulling a loved one from the clutches of an eating disorder.

If you have never done it, or seen it up close, it is probably impossible to fathom how difficult and confounding and frightening it is. This is not a challenge any family expects. And yet, mothers and fathers do:

she's been crying for three days straight

And perhaps the most moving aspect of this is that a child who literally is being spoonfed and fighting treatment with superhuman strength and hatefulness can summon the bravery to send a quick message on to her parents past that horrific anger and fear:

"at one point she cuddled up to him and said I love you and thanks"


  1. I absolutely love reading of the support the parents on ATDT give to one another. Everyone understands it's a disease they are fighting, not their child. Everyone understands what the others are going through and how hard it is to see their child in pain. And you are all free to talk about food. Imagine that!
    Keep going, you are winning this war.


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