Food is medicine

The F.E.A.S.T. Parent Council recently added to our basic principles:

"Food is medicine: all treatment should include urgent and ongoing nutritional rehabilitation."

It is time, in my opinion, for us to end the practice of psychotherapy without immediate and simultaneous brain restoration. Period.

It is time for parents to refuse to sit back and watch a loved one continue to lose weight or fail to immediately begin restoring weight.


  1. This principle is right on the mark. It is supported by the best available scientific research and is advocated by the leading professional organizations. In my opinion, any therapist who does not adhere to this principle is letting down his or her patient and patient's family, and increasing the risk of lifelong, chronic, life-threatening illness. If a therapist lacks the tools, training and skills to be able to assure full nutritional restoration in his or her patient, then he or she should refer the patient and family to a professional who does. Thanks to FEAST for issuing this position statement and helping to empower sufferers and their families.


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