Australia, here I come! What is Australian for "chuffed?"

I called five airlines today. This is weird for more than one reason. One: I was a travel agent in an earlier life so calling airlines used to be my jam. The hold music hasn't changed, I'm sorry to say.

Some day ask me about the time I met, and dated, a Chippendale bouncer, by calling for reservations...***

But this time I was calling four airlines that will LITERALLY be bringing me around the GLOBE (Washington, D.C.-Abu Dhabi-Perth-Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles-DC). After which I will probably sleep for a month and be speed-dialing my physical therapist.

I am beyond beyond excited to be scheduled to give a Keynote presentation at the 2nd At Home With Eating Disorders Conference in Melbourne later this month. The title of my talk will be "From Fear to Fierce" which pretty much sums up my approach to empowering parents. Fear is normal, but crippling. It is in finding our courage that we do what needs to be done.

Along the way I'm going to speak in Perth, and visit Sydney as well. I get to meet many Australian friends of long standing, people I have admired from so far and others that have been in my kitchen. I get to meet folks' kids, and spouses. I'll visit clinics. I'll drink really good coffee. Although I want to see Australian animals very much I have to say that yesterday I learned I get to see some meerkats up close and I'm chuffed! Wait, that's English. What's Australian for "chuffed?"

I'm going to have a lot of people to thank when I get back, but I'll start with the lovely volunteers who are putting on this conference for families. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity for Australian families to gather, learn, share, and feel heard. I'm so proud of F.E.A.S.T. for this collaboration and so honored to be invited.

Looking forward to being with old friends and meeting new ones. Also: meeting old friends!

*** This is true, by the way, but I'm really just checking to see people really read this!


  1. What an honour to gave you Laura to come and speak in Australia.

  2. Hope MP Lauren Moss will be there! And if you get to Darwin look up my sister Lord Mayor of Darwin Katrina Fong Lim!


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