Today I think... I'll fly to Australia

Today, just for kicks, I think I'll pack my bags and go to Australia.

That's assuming I can close this suitcase over two weeks of lady clothes. (As usual it's the shoes that cause all the trouble. My husband has this weird efficient method where he puts the small bits in the shoes and folds lady-tops unto themselves but once I'm out of his view I just stuff everything in and sit on it)

Today I will pretend that this is a spontaneous jaunt and not something planned and planned and arranged and taking up the energies and resources and time and generosity of many people. Because if I think of all that I will be overwhelmed. And then it will be even less understandable when I have forgotten to bring at least three essential items.

Today I will find a way, no matter how much it may cost my data plan, to tweet from Abu Dhabi. Because I can. Because even though it is only a change of planes it COUNTS because I have a window seat.

Today I will catch up on Fresh Air podcasts and about 30 episodes of How Stuff Works. I will read from any of the dozen books on my Kindle account. I will watch fun movies. I will ponder and muse and reflect. I will meet strangers. I will dine. I will wash zero dishes and vacuum exactly nothing. And if I snore or drool in my sleep I'll never see my seat mates again so, it never happened.

Today I will take 26 hours on planes to arrive two days later in a place where my feet face the wrong way BUT I will be standing on a beach, so, gravity is awesome.

Today I will test the limits of what someone with a torn lumbar disk should reasonably do, not to mention what someone who can't sleep on planes can bear, and arrive human enough to wake up the next morning and deliver a coherent keynote address to lovely friends in Perth. Note I have not put a question mark on that last sentence.

In the next two weeks I will deliver two speeches, three workshops, sit on one panel, visit three hospitals, plus some clinics, meet lots of F.E.A.S.T. members and colleagues and friends, and visit three Australian states. Am I ready?

Today I leave with the words of the great Tina Fey on my mind: "The show doesn't go on because it's ready; it goes on because it's 11:30. It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated."


  1. Imperfect is perfect sometimes. Australia is lucky to have you.

  2. In Australia, every woman is Sheila and every man Bruce!


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