Sample Size is Everything: ADD THE UK to AN25K

Dr. Cynthia Bulik at UNC has written, with Stephanie Zerwas and Gerome Breen at Kings College London, the clearest and best explanation of why the eating disorder community can change medical history through supporting AN25K: SAMPLE SIZE.

Genetics Buzz: The reason that schizophrenia is out ahead of the pack is because of sample size. When it comes to genetic research, sample size is everything. 

Don't complain that the media has it wrong and the doctors don't understand and your brother-in-law says your daughter should "just eat" if you aren't going to DO something when you can. Join the worldwide effort to get enough samples to show Uncle Joe he's a dinosaur, allow doctors to get proper ED training, and let the media tell the REAL story: let's figure out the underlying genetics and mechanism of eating disorders.

ADD THE UK to AN25K: donate to Charlotte's Helix and get into the study in your country if available! (information on US and Australia studies on the site)


  1. My recovered/ing anorexic daughter has already participated in the UNC study. And, I'm proud to say, so has my other, non-ED daughter. Trying to do my/our part!

  2. My sister was willing, but getting my daughter to do it has been very hard.

  3. Anonymous, it's GREAT that your sister was willing. I don't think anyone should HAVE to participate if they are not comfortable, of course. Those who do get into the study are doing something wonderful, and voluntary. People's feelings about these matters are very personal and I understand if someone isn't ready or just doesn't want to "go there."


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