"Desperately anxious"

Thank you to Dr. Bryan Lask, for a very interesting radio interview about anorexia nervosa on Radio 4 earlier this month. Listen to this and think about why as a society we persist in believing that people can simply choose to stop feeling and thinking their eating disorder symptoms, and more than "someone with pneumonia chooses to be short of breath."

(start at minute marker 19.28)


  1. Thank you for this, Laura. I intend to pass it along to the team. The helplessness though is searching for the solution that works.

  2. I agree, Jennifer. Agreeing on WHAT we're dealing with is only the first step: then we have to get the options together for HOW to deal with it!

  3. I thought that this was a very insightful radio interview, and very interesting to me as an anorectic. However, it is such a complex illness, and I think that there are other factors involved in eating disorders, such as home environment, life events, society, bullying, etc. And I agree with Jennifer too, there needs to be solution, not just finding the cause.


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