more kittens, less drama

A friend heard about my close brush with the Trauma Drama Triangle and sent me this link. Anticipating my reaction, to revive me and restore my will to live, she sent me this:

No thank you and then thank you, Kathleen!


  1. Well that's just too perfect, and I don't think I have ever seen a better example of pussyfooting!

  2. ...anything I can do to in an effort to bring your blood pressure back to a healthy level after I raise it to a "boiling over" level, I'm happy to do!

  3. Perfect timing, excellent lesson, feeling calm and far the wiser - Thank you Laura and the Trauma Drama Triangle words of wisdom. This should bring many a blood pressure down :-).
    With love

  4. Not sure who/what the Trauma Drama Triangle is but 0:50 was a riot and then... D'awwwww <3


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