A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorder BOOKS

My mail was SO fun this week!

I received my copy A  Collaborative Approach To Eating Disorders, by June Alexander and Janet Treasure, for one thing. They even let me write a chapter introduction! Such an honor to be part of this project, and getting this up-to-date information out to the world in the form of a textbook.

June wasn't exaggerating when she named this a Collaboration: the contributors are a landscape of great thinkers in the field. I happen to know this was an enormously complicated project requiring detailed coordination, skill, and networking.

No fewer than TEN of the textbook contributors will be at the F.E.A.S.T. Symposium, I want you to know, including June Alexander.

So, it is also appropriate that I also got my prototype of the conference nametag in the mail this week as well - created by our Learning Room coordinator, Denise Clancy.

I shall put on my lanyard, put up my feet, and enjoy my book now! (the junk mail can wait)


  1. It's wonderful that this book is published AND that I'll see and hear 10 of the contributors at the conference in November! I am eager to read it (and your chapter intro!).

  2. I'm looking forward to reading it too - must chase up the publishers and find out where my copy got to

  3. Ditto Marcella's message.
    Mine hasn't arrived yet, either. May have something to do with the Labor Day holiday. (I hope.)

  4. Laura, I'm so glad your copy of A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders has arrived - it looks very grand on your Soap Box and makes a great partner for your Symposium name tag. I would like to let the readers of your wonderful Soap Box know that not only have you contributed your wisdom to this wonderful international textbook, you lifted me up from afar when I was bogged down, you helped 'refine' the content of chapters to meet the word count limit, you helped in so many ways to 'make this book happen'. We will celebrate some more in Old Alexandria. xx

  5. Can I suggest that those going to the conference take this book and get the contributors to sign it for a donation to Feast You may want to take other books and get them signed for a donation - Give Food a Chance, Help Your Teenager etc. A $1 a signature?

  6. What a good idea - can I send mine (when I get it) by post and get it signed for a donation too?

  7. I'm happy to get signatures - that's a great idea.

    No need to make it about donations, though - the paperwork would be beyond me. Feel free to make donations EARLY and OFTEN, of course!!!!

  8. Ooo, it'll be like yearbook signing!

    Can they sign a Kindle?


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