A wonderful essay

Back when I first started talking about eating disorders as a brain disorder and the functional role of food in repairing eating disordered thoughts I rarely heard anything good from patients. That has changed. More and more, I am getting mail and comments from patients who are thankful to have a new way of looking at their illness and appreciative of the implications of eating disorders truly being a biologically based illness.

Recently on the F.E.A.S.T. site we published a wonderful essay by a young woman with autism and anorexia.


  1. Laura, I love this!

    One suggestion though, for those of us with aging eyes...could it be posted in a larger font?

    Colleen49 (now 51)

  2. So brilliant and so true. Hugs to you H for writing this, and thanks for posting, Laura.

    (Also, I do second Colleen about the small font. My eyesight is pretty terrible!)


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