For the patient, not just to make mom stop crying

I advocate lifting the burden of blame from families. This isn't to make mom feel better or to get dad to re-engage. This isn't just because blaming is unjustified. And it isn't just me:

"A clinician's articulation of theories that imply blame or permit family members to blame one another or themselves can alienate family members from involvement in the treatment and therefore be detrimental to the patient's care and recovery." (APA's Psychiatry Online)


  1. there's something i really loved about my treatment experience: i never once felt like my family was being blamed by doctors. yes, i definitely brought up circumstances in my family that i believed played into my ED, but they allowed me to give my own perspective without being quick to blame. yes, my mom played a big part, and we've talked about that.. but that's a give-in seeing as she's had a disorder of her own. mine mostly came from my social environment *outside* the house, though. why is *that* never assumed? social lives are really hard between the ages of.. oh.. 6 to 18. everyone always says "kids are so mean," but no one ever thinks that plays a part? once we start going to school, we spend just as much time with our peers (if not more) as we do at home. just a thought.


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