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I follow 135 blogs. That is easier than it sounds, because most blogs don't post all that often, and because I use a news reader (Google Reader) which in one click lists all new posts for any of the "feeds" I subscribe to. It is kind of like a personalized newspaper for me: when I have a spare moment I go to the Reader web page and I see the headlines/titles for any new posts. I can read the posts or drop them off my queue. I also use it to search the Internet for issues of interest - no more wondering whether I've missed a news story or a new website on a topic I care about.

If I had to go to the web page of every blog I follow I would go too often for some, and miss time sensitive others - using a reader keeps me organized and gives me an ear to many topics of interest (in my case: eating disorders, tap dance, my local community, psychiatry, filmmaking, parenting, the Kindle, but especially: the blogs of other parents.

I enjoy mother and father bloggers, especially those coping in real time with eating disorders. Sometimes the updates are joyous, and some are grueling. One parent often brings up religion and healthcare, another brings in art and heart, and one mom offers information and resources.

I'd like to see more parents join the blog world. It is free, as anonymous as you like, doesn't require technical skills, and there are no rules. Two websites: and can get you started in ten minutes. Join the blogosphere!


  1. Awwww... "Art & Heart" -merci!

    You set the bloggin' inspiration in motion, Laura.

    Reaching out to all of us Moms&Dads and providing a venue for much needed solace, cyber ((hugs)) and comfort when there seems, at times, so little to around; as well as sound and practical advice.

    And of course your never-ending cunning wit, humor and tap-dancing flair too!

    Deepest Thanks and Luv- *t


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