Happy Chris-kwanz-annukah Birthday, Elijah!

My son is nine years old today!

Which reminds me of one of the coolest things about the Maudsley approach: including the siblings.

Research shows: "parents' efforts to look after well siblings in the context of illness are rarely considered in literature about sibling adaptation"

After all, most kids with eating disorders have siblings. They worry. They resent. Their lives are derailed by appointments and meals and driving to and fro. They don't get their parents' attention. They see their parents suffer. They get some of the stigma that attaches to the ill sibling. They are watched more anxiously than other kids when they eat - and don't eat.

In the Maudsley approach the siblings are part of therapy sessions. Their opinions are solicited. They are invited to ally with the sibling. They are part of the recovery.

Guilt, blame, and shame are discouraged. Loving, supporting, and listening are encouraged.


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