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Are you new to blogs? Think of blogs as a really good dinner party: you go around chatting, have some laughs, and pick up some tips and gossip. Some people you meet are interesting and interested enough that you arrange to meet again. Some people are good at introducing you to others you are likely to enjoy.

In the eating disorders world, most blogs are pro-ana. These are often heartbreakingly articulate, but universally lacking in genuine insight. They are sad, cutting, cruel places - mostly targeting themselves. Want to send these kids a donut and a hug.

But I'm glad to report the blogosphere has some rising stars talking sense and sensibility about eating disorders, too.

A blizzard of commentary, critique, kudos, and congratulations went out after Harriet Brown's moving New York Times piece describing her daughter's Maudsley refeeding. And Brown herself has a blog, "Love, Food, Money" which has an update on her daughter's health and a wonderful letter filled with insight by a sufferer.

I'm amazed and tickled by the testosterone-friendly blog, "Hungry for Hunger" by a husband whose wife is in treatment right now. Adding a little rage, raging insight, and no little alcohol to the ED world.

A mother of my acquaintance, if not my country, blogs about motherhood, religion, and eating disorders at "Marcella's Musings."

And not to forget the many good thinkers out there like Sandy Szwarc whose blog "Junkfood Science" is just the antidote we need out there to the bad science, fat-phobia, and dieting nonsense we live with. For families everywhere, I prescribe Szwarc's words daily, as needed.

Other blogs to watch: "Every woman has an eating disorder," and "Eating Politics," and for a blog that isn't about eating disorders but you wish it was: "Autism Vox."


  1. Thanks for the recommmendation--looking forward to contiuing to read your work.


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