Coms and Nets and Web Pirate Treasure

Just when you think you're a savvy Internet person...

My domain of over 14 years,, has been pirated away. Thousands and thousands of links throughout the internet, gained the hard way: by relationships and conversations. All gone.

I'm republishing under a .com domain, just three little letters, but there you are. Years of work gone. The gold, the buried treasure, of the Internet is links and search engines finding you.

So, if you have or use links to this blog, please rename them with a .com so they still come here.

I have appreciated all the support for all these years, and will appreciate your help now in redirecting people to this address for any posts you find helpful. I am heartbroken at the loss, but not bitter. There is more work to do, more links to create, more parents to find information.

Hold your children, your wallets, and your internet passwords tight!


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