Make that a "Vent" e

After listening to one of my fulminating rants about something, which I introduced thusly:

Oh, girlfriend, have you got a treat in store! That rant sometimes comes with frothing at the mouth, hair-rending, and quite pitiful moaning from a fetal position.
And ended on this:

But I’d rather we decided to devote our time to fighting the kicking of puppies, as I don’t find that any less relevant to EDs and, well, I like puppies.

Is that milk froth on my coffee, or rabid hydrophobia????

Rant over.

And she responded:
We should open a coffee and social cause cafe called Froth ;)

Which I would totally frequent and with a little prompting might even want to start, but  only with you, dear Lizabeth! You have the spirit and the sense of humor that make me believe you'd be a grand rabble-rousing co-barrista!

Check out Lizabeth's work at BingeBehavior!


  1. Little known fact, Laura Collins and F.E.A.S.T. were the fist to open their doors and conference to and helped to germinate the theme of interconnectedness within the advocacy. Laura is a true mentor, teacher and friend - as well as ROCK STAR!

  2. Awr! It's a village and we're all neighbors!


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