New ED journal free online for 1st year!

I love the move toward transparency in published journals. I believe science and practice benefit from having the public and press and advocates going to the source and having open discussion.

So, excellent news: Advances in Eating Disorders: Theory, Research and Practice is available free online for the first year. I hope it will continue after that!

First issue is out NOW.


  1. but when am I ever going to get time to do the housework with such fascinating things on-line?

  2. O dear - I'm going to have to spend more time than I thought reading this today as I'm going to need Nunn after Graham "To what degree is it reasonable to think that the behaviour of a young woman who decides that the most important thing in the world for her is to lose weight because she wishes to remain an immature girl rather than grow into a mature adult can best be understood by an examination of her brain biochemistry or by trying to trace the neuronal pathways in her brain?" DECIDES? BECAUSE??? WISHES???? I guess he and I just don't share the same view of what it is he is discussing!

  3. But thank you very much indeed to the publishers for allowing me to read it and not hiding it behind academic screens and pricey licensing.

  4. My response would have been shorter "it's an illness not a choice"

  5. Thank you Laura for an invaluable resource that reflects your vision of sharing resources, valuable sources even those with different ideas and understandings. A great opportunity to expand our ability to grow
    I loved your article. It gave a open minded respected perspective that can best be understood by those who experience it first hand am
    Nd applied to the professional fields with common goals. Full remission of illness

  6. An excellent example of 'transparency' encouraging healthy, informative debate - I too, am wondering how on earth I will get through the pile of domestic chores I have neglected after a 2nd week of full time work. I need a helper I think so I may continue to immerse myself in these fascinating discussions and published articles.


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