the power of glitter...

Those at the Alexandria conference will tell you that amidst the very serious elements of such an event, we also tried to have a lot of fun. One object I brought to share did NOT cause the fun I thought it would, however, because everyone was afraid of it!

It seems that a scale is a scale is a scale, and even with glitter and no numbers this one brought a few crooked smiles but nobody wanted to step on it. (mine is actually covered in magenta pink glitter, not plush, but you get the point)

It changes day to day because you recalibrate it all the time, but I'm usually "FINE" "PERFECT" or "LOVELY."

Put one of these in your bathroom, my friends, and see if it helps desensitize you to the idea of a scale. A sense of humor is the first sign of healing!

* Available from Voluptart, which has other delightful art and other items.


  1. Agreed! I've got the pink glitter one too!

  2. Laura with all these Ruby Slippers and glittery scales, I would love to see the kind of luggage you take with you when "on tour". As an inveterate overpacker, I raised eyebrows at Nottingham not being able to rezip my suitcase when leaving from those who commented that we had only been there for two days! But I only had a computer and underutilised camera equipment in mine, (apart, of course) from the more usual contingency clothing supplies).

  3. Ha! Let's just say that I had to swap out my Mini Cooper for my husband's truck to travel to Alexandria!

    ANyway, it's not overpacking, it's contingency planning!!


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