Wait, did the paradigm shift and no one told me?

I know this is common in activists and campaigners: we keep haranguing away even after our point is not only accepted but assumed. But, when I read articles like this I want to send it back to Laura2002 with a hug and a high-five:

The Starving Brain by Wenda Reed

I mean, even the accompanying photo thrills me. Look: it's a mirror shot but the distortion is of the person's face, not body size! It's not an empty plate! It is us looking at a young person who is not seeing herself clearly - woo-hoo!

This article is filled with SCIENCE and reinforced by comments by NEDA's director emphasizing the science and the departure from the myths of the past.

It includes comments by patients and their families!

I am going to run out of exclamation points!!

Really, thank you Wenda Reed, and Seattle Woman, and all the people quoted. This is the kind of article that offers genuine hope and grounded information for families seeking care. This is all people like me want, really.


  1. Yes it did. You may not have been told but you had a lot to do with it!

  2. This one is worth repeating:

    “We are now convinced that eating disorders are biologically based diseases, and so we don’t blame parents anymore,” says Lynn Grefe, chief executive officer of NEDA.

    Love it!!

  3. I really like most of this article - and in a women's magazine as well!


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