Things I loved in 2010

I'm sure I'll love 2011, but here's some things I loved in 2010:

My husband. Who knew *I* would not only find but so far keep Mr. Right? (I was, formerly, infamous for poor choices in that department.)

My kids. Yeah, I know, supposed to say that and who doesn't - but REALLY. My daughter is one of my most treasured friends and my son is the source of daily delight to me. We all have our optimal eras of parenting, and mine seems to be now. Another adolescence, of course, is upon us, but the first time round taught me important lessons and enormous humility.

My maternal grandmother. Despite repeated exit scenes, she is still with us, giving me the opportunity to for the first time truly spend time with her and get to know her - and my mother - in a satisfying way.

My brother and his new wife and all they are bringing to the family.

Really tap dancing. Up until this past year I was so clunky and plodding at it - with only flirtation with joy - the work is paying off. I'm not looking at the clock. I've settled into my toes and heels in a way that I can spring out of without just falling back in. Next year: precision in even the small, easy stuff.

My friends. For a long time my activist world and my "real" life were pretty divided. Different wardrobe and relationships. Lately I don't feel that division at all.

The F.E.A.S.T. Board of Directors. They are my bosses now, and that's a strange relationship. It is far more complicated than I ever conceived it could be. When it works, and that's usually, it is like having a floor under me and intelligence on call. Special mention to my Executive Committee who are wisdom and spine and clarity in a package of three.

My Blackberry. It isn't fashionable to say so, I know, but I delight in having that palm-ful of connection wherever I am. It doesn't rule me, I use it to enjoy my life and work well. My new Kindle gets honorary mention - that delightful collision of old and new.

The goldfish in my little pond. I don't understand how they do what they do. Right now they are swimming under a layer of ice. Watching them all year just cracks me up.

Travelling, and staying home, both. I used to go places as a travel agent and that'll suck the fun out of it for you - now I go places to connect with a world of people who I genuinely want to see. All this being away from home has also given me an appreciation for being at home.


  1. Your Grandmother is one tough lady! Enjoy her, and getting to know more about your mother.

    I have enjoyed travelling too, and never so much as when meeting friends who have been on line friends for years in "real life".

  2. Meeting YOU, dear lady, after our years of friendship, was a highlight and signal pleasure of 2010!

  3. Same here. Meeting both of you made my 2010. Here's to more of the same next year.

    As for the goldfish - don't crack the ice. The shockwaves will kill them.



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