Mother of son with autism and eating disorder appeals for help

Posting by request of this mother:

 Allen Iglesia Aspergers for Severe Eating Disorder

Allen will attend the John Hopkins eating disorder program to live a normal healthy life and remove his feeding tube.

Allen had an emergency permanent G-tube inserted in his stomach on May 7 in an emergency surgery to help him sustain nutrients because he does not eat by mouth. He was diagnosed with Scurvy and Malnutrition because of his fear of foods He eats ONLY bread and drink water. Allen is attached to his tube for feeding 14 hours a day and cannot get off the feeding tube until he learns how to eat. Due to his Autism he believes that if he eats food he will die. His eating disorder which almost killed him (hospitalized for 3 weeks) can only be corrected at 2-3 eating disorder clinics in the united states. Insurance does not cover the majority of the costs which will cost the family over $250,000 in medical bills to help Allen live as much a normal life and not need to be attached to a feeding tube for 14 hours a day. Many people do not understand eating disorders especially when the child is diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers.  His fear of foods must be corrected to live a normal life and hopefully get Allen off the tube. In addition due to his aspergers and autism spectrum, this will be a task.

The goal is to get Allen off his tube in the next 4-5 years! No one wants to be attached to a machine 14 hours a day!


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