Charlotte throws 'em, I try to raise the tide

Charlotte Bevan and I have written a book together, and it was published this week. The title is Throwing Starfish Across the Sea.
paperback version

In this new book Charlotte and I share some of the most important things we personally tell parents facing an eating disorder diagnosis in the family. We both know how shocking and frightening it is and what a heroic job parents can do when they have the information and the support they need.

We have heard the concerns, fears, and magical thinking of those new to this and we wanted to be able to furnish mothers and fathers with the most essential tools:

  • Information
  • Other parents
  • Big Girl Pants (also available in male and unisex)

The book is a labor of love for us both, but also the end of many things. Charlotte has terminal breast cancer and I am leaving the full-time eating disorder advocacy world behind. We wanted to leave something behind, together.

We also wanted our work to support the future of ED science, which is why both of us are donating the book sales to Charlotte's Helix - an international initiative to help crack the code of eating disorders.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in any country, or as an ebook so you can read it today. You can also purchase on CreateSpace, which charges the same amount but gives a higher amount to the Helix.

We also need to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude we owe our many friends who helped inspire, proofread, tweak, and encourage us as we sped this along. Special thanks to Lisa Wright for design, and our families for support.


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