research study to consider

I encourage parents to consider research study participation to help build evidence-base in the eating disorder field. Whether to participate is entirely that family's choice, and should be done not only for altruistic motive but also because the family feels comfortable with the research, the risks, and the possible benefits. It is not any of our job to help the field, but the field can get nowhere without people who are able to participate.

A recent notice I was asked to distribute:

Teenage girls and young women, ages 14 to 21 years old, with ANOREXIA NERVOSA or Severe Weight Loss are needed for a research study looking at the role of a natural hormone on bone health. The study includes up to 11 outpatient visits at Massachusetts GeneralHospital. Participants will receive a physical examination, nutritional and hormonal evaluations, as well as a bone density test at no cost. A natural hormone will be administered, also at no cost. Up to $750 payment for participation and parking / transportation expenses offered. For more information, contact Dr. Madhu Misra at 617-724-5602 or study coordinator Hannah Clarke at 617-724-6046.


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