Tiaras and mojitos - and a little evidence-based learning, too!

What does one pack for an eating disorder conference? Well, I left room for my tiara. Really. My husband, who is in charge of the Rubik's Cube process of packing for me (for the return trip I'm on my own and things don't fit very well) was mystified. Why a tiara? I'll tell you later.

I'm waiting for my plane to Miami to board, and notice that a half dozen cops with rescue dogs are getting on first. I wonder if I get to sit next to one of the dogs?

Looking forward to Miami - haven't been there since an ill-concieved Spring Break decades ago. I'm sure the county police have forgotten by now. Uh-oh - maybe that's why the officers are here. Hmm. Well, I have the tiara in case things get dicey. How much trouble can a middle-aged lady with a tiara be?


  1. Glad to see you are taking your sense of humor also! Safe travels and hope that you didn't have to sit by the drug sniffing/rescue dogs.

    Can't wait to see a photo of you with the Tiara! That is one fancy tiara by the way.
    Becky Henry

  2. It's a very fancy tiara. Are you sure you didn't steal it from Barbie? Enjoy Miami and enjoy the conference and if there's a fancy-dress competition and that's the reason for the tiara then do let us see the pictures.

  3. My dd would give you this advice: don't pet the police dogs.

    (She did, on a bus last year. Oops! Not good form.)

  4. Oh, that has to be for the Royal Wedding! Your invite arrived then?
    Enjoy the festivities.

  5. M, my thoughts exactly! Just arrived back in the 'U of K' and cannot believe the RW fever running rampant. I can't wait to see what you do with it Laura.

  6. How is it going Laura? I hope that you are wowing them with your message as well a with your tiara and that you haven't yet had to endure that horrible sounding "lunch on your own"


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