Pinch me!

I checked the F.E.A.S.T. post office box yesterday and was surprised by two things that make me realize how far we've come and how wonderful it is:

One of the highlights of the Cancun trip that was cancelled was to be meeting June Alexander, the author of My Kid Is Back - so she sent me my copy by mail and we're catching up by Skype.

The T-shirt for Woodland Forge gives me chills: a clinic that specializes in empowering parents to re-feed! 5-day Intensive Week with 6 month follow-up. Coached family meals. Support group! Now THIS is the kind of support parents are looking for!


  1. What a great program! I actually live pretty close to that facility. Hopefully I will never need their services :)

  2. Bravo to Woodland Forge!
    Thanks for listening to important people on the team-the parents. This sounds like a very good way to help parents and their sons and daughters.

    I hope there will be more like these pioneers across the country taking note of the importance of parents' ability to refeed their children.


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