New Family-Based Maudsley Treatment available in California

ABC 7 in San Francisco news program spotlights new Family-Based Maudsley treatment available in California.

See video here:
UCSF Changing Treatment For Anorexia (9/24)

Wherever you live, you'll love this piece!

** Post script: Checking out the web site for UCSF's program I am dismayed to read this:

Norman says that struggles with power and independence are the primary underlying emotions driving eating disorders, in addition to pressures from peers, family members and the media. "Many teens feel like they are being held hostage by their parents — they are struggling with power and independence. So family counseling helps family members take a more appropriate stance," says Norman, founder and director ...

That doesn't sound like the Family-Based Maudsley I'm familiar with. Too bad!


  1. This is great! Another way that this remarkable approach towards treatment is getting out to those in need. I am looking forward to NEDA as it looks like theres going to be a lot of networking opportunities and sharing of Maudsley Based information!

  2. Sorry to see that they couldn't let a struggle to eat be a struggle to eat. Still, any time they opt to INCLUDE parents opposed to EXCLUDE us is a step forward.

    I think I understand what your fears are Laura, that they will never quite grasp that a cold is a virus and a response to stress a genetic response more so than a rebellion to life.
    No doubt, your strong views are seen as "CONTROLLING", opposed to 'INTELLIGENT OBSERVATIONS', by some. Stand your ground anyway. You know what you know.

  3. I just re-read the full post and I need to add that my response was to viewing the video and I did NOT read the other paragraph underneathe with the added part so that is not something that I support!

  4. It certainly is a positive development to see another treatment center SAY they no longer believe parents are the cause of EDs. Old views and practices die hard though, and I am afraid it will take a while for views like that attributed to Norman to disappear from practice. UCSF says their new program has been in development for 4 years. When my d was being treated there in 2004/2005, however, there was no room for parents being recognized as valuable support for recovery. In fact, we were told there was essentially no difference between their program and Stanford's. I hope their understanding of family-based treatment has improved significantly. If you take your child there and it isn't what you expected, then please speak up and hold them to their promises.


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