How's your insula today, dear?

Insula, insula... sounds like a flavor of ice cream. Or an elegant brand of shoes. But maybe it is a word worth remembering?

Recent research on the way the anorexic brain - even after recovery - perceives food is worth checking out. (Abstract is free. Full text available online for a fee.)

The paper, published in the poetically named Neuropsychopharmacology journal, discusses "the first evidence that individuals with AN process taste stimuli differently."

The area of the brain they were spying on? The insula. The same place other interesting research has been poking at, and also here in more readable form.


  1. Laura,

    To me, "Insula" seems like a really nice brand of wine.

    Very interesting research. I'm quite indebted to you for doing the legwork so I just get to sit back and enjoy.

  2. I agree it would be time better spent to help alter the thinking process! You know how I feel about affirmations. They seem so simple but words can be powerful tools.
    How long before everyone is on the same page regarding food as a medicine we can't sit around and wait on till they are ready?


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