Eating With Your Anorexic reissued

In a fresh start to the new year, I am delighted to announce publication of an updated version of my memoir, Eating With Your Anorexic. It has a new foreword, by Dr. Cindy Bulik, a new cover, and annotations reflecting on the last 10 years of being an eating disorder activist.

In 2004, I knew no one in the eating disorder world. I had no voice but that of one mom both amused and angry at the state of  treatment and research. Each of you, dear mothers and fathers, have that one voice. I've found it both satisfying and terribly frustrating to use mine. It's been an honor to do so alongside so many other fierce and fascinating people: parents and patients and clinicians and researchers.

Also, for those interested in my other work, visit the new website: where you can read a poem about hair, see me tap dancing, and learn why you shouldn't put me on your gift list.


  1. I have my new copy, and it is BEAUTIFUL! All over and all through. The first comment I read about this book was from a parent on the ATDT forum, the father of a son newly diagnosed with anorexia if memory serves (and it may not!) and it went like this: "I've been reading a lot. First book was "The Golden Cage". I decided to read one more b4 I shot myself. It was Laura's book. I put the gun away." That comment made me laugh, and the book make me howl - sometimes because it was funny, but often because it was true, and it is powerful to have one's thoughts provoked. (Sometimes it also actually made me cry - that bit where you are holding up the world for someone that you love…).

    This book informed and empowered me like no other. Thank you for going through it again ("literary" speaking) to update and comment and to clarify how your experience has informed since it was first published. It has formed the foundations for recovery for so many families, trying to follow, roughly, in the direction of your footsteps - enough, in any case, for us all to find our own way back into the sunlight. Bravo for bringing it back for a new audience to find relevance for them today.

  2. Eating With Your Anorexic is, in my opinion, the single best thing ever written on recovery from anorexia nervosa. It was the catalyst for a complete revolution.
    Glad to see it has been reissued.

  3. Looking forward to getting my copy. Love the idea of a new foreword.

    Laura's other work is interesting too - I really enjoyed the hair poem, it expresses such a lot in so few words

  4. Thank you so much, Erica, Anonymous, and Marcella - this means a great deal to me. Writers do so much of our work alone in a room hoping it will "matter." It makes this solitary work worth it getting feedback like this. Thank you.

  5. Fantastic! I am so happy you have updated and re-released Eating With Your Anorexic. It was one of the first books I read so many years ago and definitely one of the best. I appreciated the extremely helpful and practical advice in navigating ED treatment and re-feeding, laced with humor, during an extremely scary and stressful time in our lives, and it was nice to know my daughter and I were not alone in our experiences in the ED world. I will order my updated copy right now.




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