Music and Marching!

It's the first day of school here in our county and boy is it quiet here at home!

This also means it is Marching Band season, and that reminds me of important MUSIC and MARCHING news:

For MARCHING, put the MAED MOM'S MARCH in Washington on your calendar: September 30. I'll be there to say a word or two on F.E.A.S.T., as will many parents I know all ready to take a stand, literally, on eating disorders. Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed. Let's make some noise!

And for MUSIC, there's a lovely Opera event for Charlotte's Helix on September 25. I won't be there except in spirit but many of Charlotte's friends and family and supporters of the Helix will be on hand. There will be gorgeous music by Royal Opera singers, a reading from a new book by a parent about coping with eating disorders, and a special guest, David Robb, who you may recognize as Dr. Clarkson from Downton Abbey (one of Charlotte's favorite shows).

There is a special therapeutic factor to being with others who understand your experience and are doing something together to make things better. Both of these events, within days of one another, are a way to BE THERE and be part of change.

Forward: march!


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