Difficult times, small favors

Our family is going through a difficult time: details are unimportant at this point.

I am mindful not to barrage people with appeals. Most of those I know, especially through this blog, are struggling with something or other and don't need to be asked one single thing: just supported.

I'm also not that good at being the receiver --

But today I am actively hoping that at least 20 of you will do me a specific favor, to help me fulfill a promise that I made a few weeks ago. There is no money involved, it is simple and it is anonymous. I offered to find 20 people from the eating disorder world to spend 60 seconds leaving a message of hope for others at the Project Hope Exchange site.

A few of my friends have done so already and felt really good about it: there was catharsis and healing just in the act of reaching out.

Now that I'm struggling with an elderly family member's adversity I find enormous comfort in the messages of others who have faced similar situations.

I committed to getting messages from the ED community because I know how needed and appreciated it is to hear warmth and feel understood by others with such a confusing and confounding condition. I want there to be a bank of family members, friends, sufferers, and their supporters leaving those "messages in a bottle" for others. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL HELP.

As I said, it's free, it's anonymous, and it will be your good deed for the day. Well, since many of you are generous and kind by nature it may be your 5th or 15th good deed of the day!

Please do this for me so that I can rest easy during this difficult time. All I ask is that you make the recording and then send me an email or leave a message here that you did it. I know you are out there and if you ever wanted to show me you care this is a great time!

My family doesn't need flowers or casseroles at the moment. But, the gift of this message, and supporting me through this difficult time, would be truly priceless to me. Helping others always makes me feel better.

I may not have time to respond immediately, but I am looking for your messages!

PROJECT HOPE EXCHANGE NEWS RELEASE: http://tinyurl.com/l6a8s9w
90-SEC INTRODUCTORY VIDEO: http://tinyurl.com/ny9jatn
PROJECT HOPE EXCHANGE WEBSITEhttp://projecthopeexchange.com/
PSYCHOLOGY TODAY FEATURE ON PHEhttp://tinyurl.com/le39qer
Jessica / Heart Attack: http://tinyurl.com/lj289ta
Laura / Eating Disorders: http://tinyurl.com/mt3so8x
Scott / Paralysis: http://tinyurl.com/kxlzefq



  1. Sending you lots of love from your A2A Family, Laura!

  2. Sending love, prayers, hugs and peace, Laura. And then some more love.

  3. Feel you pain, and I am sending you a BIG hug, Laura

  4. I feel your pain, Laura. I am sending you a BIG hug.

  5. Please direct me-- went to the link and didn't see where to enter comments. Happy to help.

  6. THANK YOU, all!

    The number to call is (855) 975-HOPE. Takes less than a minute and if you like you can listen to others as an example and there is a video here to explain. Each message REALLY MATTERS: to me and to the project.


  7. Laura, I have read your blog for many years. I am an older adult in (finally) long term recovery from anorexia. I am happy to call the number and affirm there is always hope no matter how long the struggle.


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