Survey: Body image in adult women

Posted by request:
We invite you to complete a brief online questionnaire investigating wellness and body image in adult women being conducted by researchers at Trinity University in collaboration with Emerge. You must be 18 years or older to participate. You can complete the questionnaire from any computer and it will take approximately 20-25 minutes of your time. In return, you will be entered into a lottery to win a $200 Amazon Gift card, which will be sent via email. Also, you will have made an important contribution to research on women’s health!
Please forward this email to any women (particularly those 25 years or older) you know who might be interested in taking part in this research.


  1. What if you have species dysphoria and think you're a cat? :P
    (OK, will do it. :) )

  2. I know I shouldn't want to skew the data, but... some people DO feel like cats!

    (I'm more of a ferret, myself)

  3. ^ I meant dysmorphia but both can apply.

    "A square with that horn,
    makes you wish you weren't born,
    ever'time he plays;
    and with a square in the act,
    he's gonna set this music back
    to the Stone Age days.
    Everybody wants to be a cat,
    because a cat's the only cat
    who knows where it's at"

  4. Oh, Weather, you made me want to go listen to that wonderful song again and you are going to LOVE this version I found:

  5. *desperately trying to find good cat puns and failing*

    Loving yours!

  6. I cat believe that is a one-purrson cattet! The guy deserves a grant, no joke!


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