Eating Disorder Awareness Week Season Wrap-Up

I was excited to see so many friends blogging during Eating Disorder Awareness week season (it differs depending on what advocacy organization claims the franchise in your country)

US: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 23-March 1 (NEDA)
Canada: Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 2-8 (NEDIC)
UK: Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 24-March 2 (Beat)
Australia: Body Image Awareness Week September 1-8 (Butterfly)

Quite a few organizations have just decided to call February: Eating Disorder Awareness Month!

Among my fave blog posts of the season:

Marcella's It's That Time of the Year Again post is a winner. So is Jenn's Bang My Head on the Desk post. I cheered for Bridget's great 10-point list of resources (and not just because it mentions F.E.A.S.T. and Charlotte's Helix). I've mentioned how great everything Carrie writes on the topic is already but will say it again. June Alexander has it not only right but forward thinking as she defines awareness. Bev brings it back to facts, where it should be, and evidence. And Cate casts her eye to 2015, which is admirably temperate and the best way to end the week.

My favorite video of the week was this one, about media and eating disorders, both for content and style:

My favorite link to something that isn't about eating disorders but could be is this: Whose Fault is Autism?


  1. I can't wait to read everything. I am jazzed for next year and I am confident we can start moving in the direction of real EDucation (stolen from Carrie) for 2015. I'm so enthused I may even be able to can the snark.

  2. Snark is the spice of life... in its measure.

    Love the EDucation.


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