Talking a blue streak about Charlotte's Helix

What do you do with your anxiety? It turns out what I do lately is make impulsive hair color decisions. When my friend, Charlotte, got sick we scandalized our daughters when she dyed my hair blue. When she had surgery recently I did it again in some sort of strange magic to make sure she woke up safely. Now, I have a large blue streak over my left ear that will assure that no one will ever struggle to describe WHICH middle-aged band mom I am in a crowd!

If anyone asks, I can say that it represents that I can "talk a blue streak" about the research project in Charlotte's name: Charlotte's Helix. But really, it tickles me every time I catch my face in a mirror.

Now, at some point I am going to have to go to my hairdresser for a haircut. She will either be amused or NOT amused. I will have to stand my ground. Or not.

I tell you what, world. I will keep my blue streak if you will support Charlotte's Helix. That means you will see me in blue for the F.E.A.S.T. conference in Dallas January 31 & February 1 if the Helix gets 20 new pledges of support, one for each day until the event:

If there are enough pledges then I stay blue to go to London in March to speak at the Eating Disorder International Conference (where we will be taking samples for the Helix). Crazy American.

A little more than that and I'll sport my blue locks to the Academy for Eating Disorders conference in New York. Gulp.

I'm willing to talk, and wear, a blue streak for Charlotte's Helix, even with my best shoes on. Are you willing to help? Email or comment below with your pledge.

(Oh, and someone is going to have to get smelling salts for my hairdresser, poor thing)


  1. Carlie C.Tartakov6:33 PM, January 10, 2014

    Keep talking and wearing a blue streak and those awesome red shoes. Tell Ms. Hairdresser your mom loves it!

    1. Even my mother enables my lunacy! I'm so fortunate!

  2. Done.

    In her honor today.

  3. Donating in memory of Charlotte and for your blue hair!

  4. My ed daughter called and told me she was wearing her Charlottes Helix shirt today.
    Donated in her honor also.

  5. ed daughter called me and told me she was wearing her Charlottes Helix shirt today in Charlottes honor.
    Donated in Charlottes honor also.


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