Science without fisticuffs: well done, Chris Thornton

Once in a long while someone stands up and talks sense without polemics or something to sell.

Chris Thornton's online video talk, "The Model & the Clinician: Who Comes First," published by ANZAED, is such a moment. And no, it is not about Size Zero Models, it is treatment models, silly!

Would you like to hear the real numbers on Family-Based Maudsley Treatment without hyperbole or apology? You may not like the answers if you are on a "side" on this -- which none of us should be. That alone makes the 36 minutes well spent.

Are you interested in what the data tell us about manual-based treatment, about clinical skill, and why skilled therapists need to have confidence, humility, and science literacy, this is time well spent.

It is time for us to stop being "pro" and "anti" Maudsley and CBT and Motivational Interviewing and CRT and on and on. It is time to stop pitting clinician against manual. It is time for a really robust discussion about why we do what we do, and why many people of goodwill disagree.


  1. Excellent work Chris - although it did take me an age to work out that I had to click on the link not the picture to get it started.

  2. Me too Marcella. 36 minutes but nearly every one of them compelling (will draw a veil on the dodgy joke!) - love this - and loved Chris' parting shot: "Thank you Jeremy, what do you want me to do with the phone?"


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