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I'm currently conducting Economics research at the University of Missouri - St. Louis under supervision of Dr. Lea-Rachel Kosnik. 

I'm writing you as my research is centered around the price-elasticity of demand of eating disorder treatment. What does that mean? Essentially, how much does cost impact the willingness of someone to go to treatment. This relationship has implications for both recovery and for insurance so I am interested in uncovering what that relationship is. Also, whether or not that relationship is different than those historically found for mental health care and health care, in general. 

I think it's incredibly important to connect with as many segments of the eating disorder population as possible. For instance I'm contacting you, because I want to make sure to attempt to include those that want to try less traditional (or expected) treatment (such as Maudsley). Additionally, those that are older, those that have eating disorders that are less common (as you know, BED just "officially" became an eating disorder), males, athletes, and even those identifying themselves as pro-ana.

I would love it if you would be willing to share my survey on your blog. I truly do believe the research is important, especially since no research like it exists - at present - for eating disorders. Eating disorder treatment is oftentimes quite expensive so it's important to derive what relationship the cost of it has with willingness. 

My survey can be found at , but if you would like a PDF version of the questions (as found in the survey) beforehand I would be more than happy to email that to you as well as answer ANY questions.

This research has received IRB Exemption Approval (and I can provide proof of that if necessary).

Thank you so much,
Kristie Ferreira
Sociology and Business Major, Economics Minor
University of Missouri-St. Louis


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