"cerebral Afghanistan" and breach births

I needed a cigarette and a moment to compose myself after reading Research in eating disorders: should we focus on the brain?, the invigorating debate published in the new Advances in Eating Disorders journal between Philip Graham and Ken Nunn. Why can't we have more of this and why aren't more people listening?

A good debate, to me, is when I get both sides and learn something in the process. This back and forth and back, and forth, allows the debaters to exercise talents of intellect and erudition that defy the simplistic, beads and feathers, professional courtesy-addled field of eating disorders.

I happen, no, I happily choose Nunn's viewpoint, myself but I believe we need to hear Graham. We cannot make progress without the Grahams and without understanding their cautions and experience. We need that tension and distance, dare I say it, for Darwinian reasons alone!


  1. agree with you totally, and think that Graham should have been allowed (or if he was happy with the end result as it was, forced) to reply in the biographies bit too!


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