Getting out of BED

Binge Eating Diosrder used to be an afterthought, an orphaned category of eating disorder that, I'm sad to say, was a topic that many with more restrictive eating disorders tried to avoid. That era is ending: BED has emerged as a area of interest for the eating disorder treatment and advocacy world.
I just registered for the upcoming BEDA conference in Bethesda, and hope those who can attend will.

I'm also looking forward to a new book on BED for clinicians edited by my friend, June Alexander.

As the science of BED emerges, I believe it will offer insights into all eating disorders and all will benefit. I believe the weight prejudice that exists even in the eating disorder community will be another important area of positive change.

BED is a serious mental illness that deserves to be discussed alongside all eating disorders every single time we bring them up. For several reasons (potentially high profits for successful treatment, for example) it may soon be that anorexia and bulimia and ED-NOS will ride the slipstream of the BED advocacy community. The professionalism and focus of the BED world are an enormous asset to the larger ED world.


  1. This is something I should go to, as I know less about BED than other eating disorders. It's so expensive, though! I will take a stab at my budget and see if I can find a way to make it happen. I know I'd learn a lot!

  2. I would love to be able to attend this conference in so much that I know so little about BED. So pleased there is greater focus and recognition is so desperately needed. Perhaps a twitter commentary for those of us too far away to attend? x


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