Drop It and Eat

I was fortunate to get an advance look at the new book, Drop It and Eat: Drop the Diet, Manage Your Weight by my friends, Lori and Cate.

In my review I called it a Joy of Cooking for those experiencing disordered eating. Since I read it I found my grocery shopping has been enhanced and I've enjoyed some new dishes. I also really like the attitude of the book, which very nicely reflects the two authors and some of the struggles we all have with eating in a world that wants to make that so difficult even if you don't have disordered eating patterns.

The pictures in this book also reflect the pleasure and engagement of the authors.

Bon Appetit!!


  1. That IS a gorgeous cover! Can't wait to see what's inside! This is going right on the 'book wish list' and then promptly handed to Santa.


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