Here's my ruby slippers... where are yours?

We named the dinner for the Alexandria conference a "Ruby Slipper Party" because the theme of the conference is "There's No Place Like Home."

Really, if you know me you have correctly guessed it is just an excuse for me to buy some fabulous shoes.

Here's mine, don't forget to pack yours.

Here's Erica's - feel free to email me yours and I'll add! Erica, these are smashing!!


  1. Don't know when you posted this Laura but can't believe there are no comments yet! Oh MY! We really aren't in Kansas anymore.

    Can I put a picture up here? Mine are nowhere near as glamorous and I won't be with you (except in spirit) but I will wear my slippers and keep the faith.

  2. Erica, send to me and I'll add 'em!


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