"don’t give people license to expand their waistlines"

Jeez. How do people get it so wrong even when presented with the right information?

People just really, REALLY want to believe that weight is completely under a person's control, that you can see or measure health by weight, and that it just can't be right not to be afraid of SCARE QUOTES HERE fat ENDQUOTE.

Time to stand down, folks. Also, to stop accompanying articles on obesity with "headless fatties."

Fitness Trumps Fat as a Gauge of Health is not new news but it has to be brought up breathlessly with cautions and shock every time it is mentioned.

But why, oh why, does this have to be funded by Coca-Cola? Please. Is that really credible? I know it isn't going to be funded or pushed by the Brocolli Producers of America but, really?

I love the "give people license" thing. Like the world is just waiting for a reason to go gain weight.


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