A new project to organize eating disorder information

Have you heard yet about the new Eating Disorder Information Gateway project? Check them out and consider a donation to help them get started: F.E.A.S.T.'s Board of Directors just voted today to send a donation!


  1. I will wait until I see the quality of there research, and there take on obesity. As an exobese, I have opinions.

    Until then, they are just another professional begging organization.

  2. Fred, I'm going to take your comments at face value, but I'm not charmed by your tone.

    The project is not DOING research, it is gathering and organizing existing information.

    I know the people involved and they are certainly not a 'professional begging organization' and I have no idea where you get that idea.

    The term exobese.... well, don't even know where to start with that!

  3. It is really quite simple as I am. I have found most of my 'answers' (-50+ kgs) to my eating issues, and they are not what is typically recommended by the 'experts'. Many of the recommendations of the 'experts' make the situation worse, aka not helpful.

    Much 'research' is about funding research, not about finding workable real solutions. Which are you?

  4. I am very excited about this project and happy to see Carrie Arnold is working on it. You go girl!

  5. As Laura explained, we will not be doing research, nor will we allow our sponsors to have any influence over which resources we present. We are going to be a library of ALL the eating disorders journals, as well as many other medical journals, eating disorder organizations, and treatment centers.

    As for obesity-related topics, the main focuses will be binge eating disorder, weight discrimination and teasing, and Health at Every Size.

    - Millie


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