Number 2 and 3 are in your hands, parents!

Here's a tough truth: parents can make or break treatment. We can't tiptoe around this. Treatment can fail for a lot of reasons but most of them are really in our hands.

Dr. O'Toole at Kartini describes it just right, and cites some Australian research which backs it up:

What Helps Children

"three factors determine outcome in children with anorexia nervosa:  
  1. severity of illness  
  2. parental unity with treatment team 
  3. parental ability to enforce the meal plan/re-nutrition."

I'd add to this that you need to have a treatment team that believes parents should step up and be in charge of feeding, and works to strengthen #2 & #3 and not work against them. The truth is that the great majority of treatment available to families does neither.


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