neither rare nor epidemic, but absolutely life-threatening

Eating disorders cause misery, and a frighteningly high number of sufferers die.

Carrie Arnold has come out with a campaign we can all stand behind.

Eating disorders aren't rare, so anyone who tells you they've never met someone is wrong: they just didn't recognize it.

Eating disorders aren't an epidemic threatening everyone, either. That argument is well-meaning but false and harmful: it leads people to dismiss eating disorders as just a normal part of life or an inevitable result of toxic society.

One in 20 is a lot. That is why, as NEDA puts it, "everyone knows somebody."

The "one" needs to know that he or she is not alone, and will be taken care of and supported. That "one" needs us to step up!


  1. That is a number that includes binge eating disorder, though, right? Because AN is roughly 0.5%, BN is about 1-2%. That's not 1 in 20.

  2. Ohh pfft they only looked at less than 2980 people! Yeah OK....


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