This is ground control to Major Gaffe

Picture this: landed last night at home airport feeling like the picture of good business traveller. Packed well, lost nothing along the way, conference a satisfying delight, all my chargers and a suite of efficient electronics in a well-designed traveling bag. Charming early morning banter with taxi driver, generous tip, unflustered at security, easy off shoes, layered travel wardrobe. Even used mileage to upgrade to the nicer rows. Watched a pleasant movie, ate the free eats.

Plane glides to earth and as we roll toward the gate the pilot gives us leave to turn on our electronics and I happily turn on my shiny new iPhone to check my notes on where I left my car, put my earbuds in and queue up Aretha Franklin and sit back patiently for them to open the door.

Strange... the volume is very low so I crank the volume to 10 and push the earbuds in more firmly. Ahh.

It was probably three minutes in before I realize, at the crescendo of a thrilling high note, that my earphone jack is not completely inserted into the phone. The whole cabin has been enjoying - or not - my musical selection.

I've been laughing, and blushing, ever since. My apologies, and you're welcome!

I may stay home a while.


  1. No mocking laughter here! I wondered why I couldn't hear my husband on my cellphone when I landed and called. Problem was, you can't hear with the phone to your ear when the headphones are still attached! Glad the future of eating disorder research is not in my hands!

  2. Rolling on the floor. At least you picked good music - imagine if you had been listening to something totally rubbish.....

  3. Oh, Hiker, I wish!

    And Charlotte, cold shudder: there's some Tears for Fears on that playlist! Do they have a Do Not Fly list for bad 80s music?

  4. But, secretly, we all love Tears for Fears. Just think how much fun you have given everyone - what a story for them all to share when they get home; so much better than the dull alternative that they would have been forced to give, you know, the one about whatever the US internal equivalent is of the Heathrow queue to get through immigration (:-O).

  5. ...I'm wondering: WHICH Aretha song was it?


    Wholly Holy.

    Come to think of it, maybe that's why no one scrupled to tap me on the shoulder and clue me in.... they may have thought it was a spiritual statement!!


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