more than just eating disorders

Charlotte really sums it up here. 

I sometimes do feel a bit funny that so much of my life is spent "with" people who don't live anywhere near me and yet they are very real and the relationship is far more than just about eating disorders.

My family teases me, and my friends on the ground find it a bit funny, too - but with friends like Charlotte who needs.... to clean the house for visitors! (Actually, Charlotte knows just where I keep the unmatched socks, has gotten me through a crying jag or three, and served as shoe consultant - and has no illusions about the dust levels, either!)


  1. I wonder why I am so able to relate? Dust bunnies? Don't notice them any longer and for the unmatched socks....well they are breeding as the dust bunnies do! Is this a common denominator in this ED bubble we live in? Thanks for another great blog Laura and sure hope you are recovering processing more from ICED. x

  2. Maybe our dust bunnies cause eating disorders?!!!!

  3. Aww shucks. Thanks, Laura. I would love to see that study

    "Useless mothers who don't match up the socks or clean the back of cupboards definitely cause eating disorders"

    Trial sponsored by Match and the Vacuum Cleaner Company.....

  4. We have a new household pet that I am hoping will take care of the globs of cat and dog fur and other things that seem to accumulate on the floor when I am otherwise distracted: a Roomba. I actually asked for this for Mother's Day! I was truly - I mean, truly - amazed last night by what it picked up for me on the kitchen floor that I could not see (I probably should wear my glasses all the time now, too).

  5. Had to Google Roomba but now WANT WANT WANT. The dogs will love it. The terrier likes to kill things that move and the labradors like to retrieve them. Hours of endless fun and so much more interactive than the Dyson which turns off when you unplug it.

    Jen, glasses are for reading and not for housework.....xx

  6. Our labrador and children, and I, loved our Roomba! Endlessly entertaining. Did a good job, too, until we broke it with hard labor and ridiculous amounts of floor debris. He even knew not to fall off stairs and he plugged himself back in when he was tired!

  7. Sorry, but much as I love Charlotte too (and all my internet buds) you have lost me now to Roomba. Like Charlotte, I just didn't know what I didn't have. Roomba it seems, like Barbie, comes with accessories and a best friend (Scooba - who I'm prepared to bet washes the floors much better than Ken).

    If only I didn't have dogs that howl when the telephone rings and who are terrified of all things that clean if they also move and make a noise (heck, my big, butch, male, scaredy cat dog is frightened of the blinds being drawn!). The dogs may have to be replaced - Roomba and Scooba - they probably come to heel directly when called, never bark at passers by and, best of all, won't add to the dust by rolling it directly onto the carpets or shaking it over the floor.


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