In an attempt to keep my head down and focused for the past very busy month, I have not kept up with reading blogs or Facebook or Twitter**. What a loss!

I am now skimming through amazing, insightful, personally meaningful posts by many people I so admire and respect and it is like coming into a party that has finished and all that is left is evidence of a very good time. I want to go comment on everything - and praise everyone - and thank those who were kind enough to read my blog while I was rudely not keeping up with anything!

The opposite of isolation is: the Internet. Thank you, friends, for being there and being such an interesting community. So much to read means so much to miss! The truth is, writing blog posts without reading widely and in real time of other blogs is missing the point(s)!

**actually, I've never been able to keep up with Twitter. It's impossible.


  1. I have recently discovered a number of blogs that are must-reads for me, as well as web sites and other sources of great information. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, and I don't blog myself! There's so much good stuff out there these days. I, too, want to comment on everything, but end up not doing so nearly enough. And that includes your blog, Laura. What a long string of great posts in recent days. Thanks to everybody.


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