Researcher seeking anorexia nervosa patients for study

Perfectionism, Self-Injurious Behaviour, and Functions of Anorexia Nervosa
Research Participants Needed!!

§  Current, previous, or suspected diagnosis of anorexia nervosa
§  15 years of age or older
§  MUST have parent or guardian permission to participate if under the age of 18
§  Ability to communicate in English at the 4th grade level

§  An online survey asking questions about:
§  Perfectionism
§  Self-Injurious Behaviour
§  Pros and Cons of Eating Disorders
§  Attitudes Related to Eating and Other Related Behaviours

§  Any computer that has internet access!

§  At your convenience!
§  Approximately 30-45 minutes

§  To help the community and researchers understand eating disorders better
§  To help a Master’s student obtain their degree
§  A chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! Anyone who completes the survey will be eligible to enter a draw for a $100 Visa Gift Card. The exact odds of winning will be dependent on the number of responses, but chances will never go below 1/150!

Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the course of the study

For more information contact:
§  Nicklaus Csuzdi (Choose-dee) at
OR 1-519-824-4120 ext. 54822


  1. My daughter is recovering fairly well now but I would be concerned about asking her about the pros and cons of anorexia in a survey. Particularly if I didn't know what the survey questions were-I would want to anticipate whether the questions might trigger some anxiety that I would need to be aware of after she took the survey. I wonder what the risks of participating in this survey are??


  2. These are entirely valid questions! I would want to see the questions first, myself, before sending my under-18 daughter to do the survey.

    The pros and cons language sets my teeth on edge, certainly. Though I had to go through a process of realizing there WERE pros and cons to her when she was ill. I wanted her NOT TO BELIEVE there were pros - all bad! But the illness is called egosyntonic for a reason. There are pros and cons to alcoholism and drug abuse and being in a coma, too - they just aren't anywhere near worth it or balanced with the cons.

  3. I took the survey and there are only 2 questions that specifically use the words pros and cons.

    The risks of taking the survey are listed before you take it and the numbers to hotlines were visible at all times.

    I think that it is important that we are able to talk or make a list about the pros and cons.

  4. Anonymous, I so appreciate your reporting back on that!


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